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Conditions for On-Line Course Material Purchase

  1. The course material is delivered to you “as is”.  It is provided in PDF format.  The online package consists of a Training Manual, a Leader’s Guide and an outline of the course.
  2. We undertake to send you the course material on a disk and will have it in the post or personally delivered within 48 hours of receiving your order.   If you would prefer it in any other format, please contact us.
  3. Adzuri  does not warrant the performance or the results of the training received if used by trainers or facilitators who are not secured by Adzuri Training Specialists to deliver the course.  However, if you have some useful feedback which can improve the course, Adzuri will be happy to listen to you. You may contact training @ Adzuri.co.zaat any time in this respect.
  4. You may add your own company name and logo and any other information to the front of the documentation.
  5. The course may only be used in-house by employed staff within your own company. Therefore you may print out as many manuals as you like.
  6. Should you require a one-day or two-day train-the-trainer session to help your chosen facilitators/trainers in your company to be familiar with the training material before it is introduced into your company, kindly contact our Training Administrator.   
  7. The course material may not, under any circumstances, be used for profit or any form of financial gain without seeking Adzuri’s permission.  In other words, independent consultants, trainers and facilitators and business entities involved in training and facilitation as a way of earning income, may not use this material without seeking Adzuri’s permission.
  8. Adzuri Management Consultancy (PTY) Limited, training as Adzuri Training Specialists, holds all copyright to this training material.
  9. Most of our courses, wherever possible, are unit standard-aligned and usually go beyond the unit standard requirements. Should you want details of the unit standard, an assessment guide and answers, please contact us.
  10. Adzuri can provide assessors and moderators if required.
  11. If you are not happy with the course for whatever reason you are required to return it to us at your own expense within 14 days of receipt for a 95% refund. We would appreciate knowing the reason for quality improvement purposes.
  12. If we can assist you in any other way, please let us know.




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