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Do I get a certificate at the end of my training course?

A certificate of attendance can be supplied by Adzuri or by your company (if your company delivers the course). This is usually what most companies require when staff attends a two-day skills course.

However, should learners want to get credits, certification takes longer because of the process attached to the Services Seta and the marking of the assessments.


What kind of discount do I get on an in-house course?

It is substantially lower in terms of cost to have an in-house course because you save on transport costs, accommodation costs and venue costs. The number of people you want trained and the course content will determine the cost.  Go to Contact Us page to get a formal quote.


What happens if I wish to have a course that is not available on your website?

Phone or email and enquiry to either our Training Administrator or our Managing Director Dawn Pretorius on our Contact Us page If we can’t help you we will find you somebody who will!


Do you really sell on-line  training material to us to use over and over again in our company?

Yes we do.  Your company has unrestricted use of the training material to use over and over again to train all its employees. And a big benefit is that this provides consistency within your organization.


What happens if we want to add some of our own aspects in the material – such as our service ethic in your course on Customer Service?

You can ask us to customize the training material for you. A fee will be charged equal to the amount of changes that have to be made.  However, it will be a once-off charge.


What happens if somebody outside of the organization or another company wishes to use the training material?

That person or company would have to purchase the rights to use the material as your organization did.


What happens if we want the training material but we don’t have sufficiently trained trainers to run the course?

We can do two things:  We can either rent out a facilitator to your organisation for the duration of the course (usually two days) or we can run a train-the-trainer course for you.


Don’t you worry about allowing your training material to be accessed so easily?

This is the age of connectivity – the more people who can access superior training and development material the better.  We trust people’s integrity and the integrity of organizations not to abuse our intellectual capital.  However, if an organization or a person is using our material illegally, we will seek payment to rectify the matter.


When is your training material absolutely not to be used?

Our training material can always be used but training companies and independent facilitators, colleges and other training related institutions or individuals may not use our material for monetary gain without the permission of Adzuri Training Specialists.  If permission is given on a case-by-case basis, an appropriate fee will be charged.


How come you have such a large library of courses?

It has come from the founder of Adzuri who has a passion for training and development and spent most of her career developing generic business skills and perfecting the art of training those skills.


Are you accredited with any SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) and can we claim on our Skills Levy?

Yes we are accredited by the Services Seta and many of our courses are too. This is only a requirement for South African organizations. Should a course not be accredited, we simply apply for an extension of scope. This accreditation means that you can use this accreditation towards your Skills Levy claim if Adzuri provides the training. Refer to your Human Resources Department if necessary.


What does it mean to be accredited with the Services Seta?

This is only meaningful to South Africa in terms of their National Qualifications Framework. It means the training company complies with its training and quality requirements and provides assessors and moderators to check competence of learners.


Why is it important that my organization chooses an accredited training provider?

You know you are getting quality training and as already said, where Adzuri undertakes the training, you can apply for a refund of your skills levy.


Are your courses aligned to South African Quality unit standards?

Yes they are.  However, these unit standards change from time to time and we will keep you informed of the changes if you purchase a course from us. They do not change often and are usually applicable for at least a couple of years. Unit standards do not exist for every course however.

Customers using our courses outside of South Africa can ignore any reference to the National Qualifications Framework. Our courses are complete in our opinion irrespective of the unit standards requirement. We merely ensure that for South Africa, our courses are duly aligned.


What is the point of the courses being aligned to unit standards?

You get credits from the Services Seta for every aligned course you attend provided:

· You want to complete an assessment and compile a portfolio of evidence to earn those credits. (Each credit is worth about ten hours of study.  Each two-day course may consist of anything between 3 – 12 credits.) This will be assessed and moderated to determine competency.

· You are aware that getting credits is of little consequence unless they are accumulated towards a qualification (of which the unit standard must be a component). This means you can then use the credits towards the attainment of the qualification.

Most companies /individuals want training in a specific skills area and are not concerned about credits.




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